🎵 20 Songs for 2020: January
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🎵 20 Songs for 2020: January

A monthly mix feat. Terry Allen's border operetta, Peter Pears, Gianna Nannini & beautiful imbeciles, XTC, it beats on...
🎵 20 Songs for 2020: January

A monthly mix.

  • If you're four, maybe five seconds from wilding, find calm in the soft harmonies of Dave Longstreth & his Dirty Projectionists.
  • See Todd Rundgren fiddling behind the boards with XTC, in front of the mic on the supremely understated Crybaby.
  • Terry Allen, Lucinda Williams, Anillo de Compromiso and a gold band of border songs.
  • Through the magic of holograms, Sting and Peter Pears united at last!
  • Lonnie Moore, Gianna Nannini, e altro ancora...

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