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🎵 20 Songs for 2020: March

Spring, remembering things. You're in the home stretch now. March is the kindest month. Flowers flower, Opening Day opens.

Your lucky numbers: 2, 23, Sondheim, Canned Heat, Haruomi Hasono, and the too forgotten work of the Brothers Gibb. Your German word: Meinungsfasten. When all appears lost, it either is or it isn't — now don't sulk. Avoid business jargon, cracks in the pavement, skimming over emails, skimming over people. Now is a good time for that great idea of yours[1]...

[1]: Art, literature, a deeper way of caring, how to talk to strangers, a neighbourhood cookout. Stuff like that vs. the new nonsense that came across my desk: P------, an ad startup that tracks people better but which gives 7% of their profits to the environment. Since when profits?

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