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📊Love in the USA

Does like really attract like? And once met, what makes a couple good and enduring?

I designed the following dashboards using data from the 2017 How Couples Meet and Stay Together survey. Think of them as 'toys': everything is chained together and by clicking about you can see any number of things. How couples from New England might have fewer friends in common, how older couples have a higher chance of being high school sweethearts, how rent affects the soul, how...

Of course, all of this more suggestive than anything. It is a snapshot from a distorting height, and anyhow love is entirely about the exception. It is always the meeting of two individuals (no matter the compartments they fit into on surveys). Success, I suppose, is how forgivingly they can span the wide gaps and closenesses between hearts. Many successful relationships end one way or another or are not easily described as Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Very Poor (well, Very Poor bodes very badly). The novel offers much greater insight. Bowles or Brookner or Cheever or Salter or...

For what it's worth, my own relationship cuts against all the conclusions one might draw from the two sheets. Do note the word two there — click on the tabs up top to shuffle between.

Source: Rosenfeld, Michael J., Reuben J. Thomas, and Sonia Hausen. 2019 How Couples Meet and Stay Together 2017 fresh sample. (Computer files). Stanford, CA: Stanford University Libraries.

Made for curiosity's sake and NYU's Visual Analytics with Tableau.

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