👨‍🎤 Music from 2016
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👨‍🎤 Music from 2016

Those habits of you, those arrivals, risings, those lives without buildings, those heaps of sheeps. Something for many in this mix.
👨‍🎤 Music from 2016

This mix, as with its cousin in 2017, has been pulled from the ashes of the fire that consumed my old website. You might agree with me that not quite enough fat was burned off.

You might also be of the mind, as I am in this moment, that our old enthusiasms decay in a timeworn pattern. After love at first sight, obsession*, then the four-hundredth listen, then anhedonia, then a willful forgetting, then a true one, then embarrassment when shuffle brings the track back before a fashion, and then finally the happiest reunion. Only some of these songs are at that final stage for me.

2016 comes into focus here, but that's likely because I accessorise my life with music — with this music. The musicians who passed away, the feeling around that election, a new life in a new town, the long walks, the specific and the general and all that reverb.

As always, it's up on Apple Music (musicians make more) and Spotify.  

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