🎵 September Songs
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🎵 September Songs

Nostalgic songs for that month of nostalgia. Quite a bit of Americana. Something in that probably.

The air didn't snap to cold this September. It was a month of borrowed time. (Should you be reading this in the future from the pits of a cave because the rain and earth have turned to hot acid, sharpen your anger on this stone.)

Loose notes: an accidental film theme, running improbably across Les Blank and Tootsie; misty music from Appalachia; some nice, bright soukouss; Peter Gabriel's non-world music; and 1979, the GOAT high school song b-side. The video on that one's worth a watch. What has happened to boredom?

You can listen to the thing in Apple Music. (If I find a spare moment, I'll add the mix to Spotify. Or you might find one. Here's to spare moments in all their decreasing likelihood!)

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