🎵 Sixteen Songs for October
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🎵 Sixteen Songs for October

Quite what the title says, a mix of music for October. From Love (Arthur Lee) to love (bog stan.) to bromance (Me & Michael) to the American spiritual and wordless classical to...
🎵 Sixteen Songs for October

I will always remember this October for two things. One was the disappointment of not winning a billion dollars in the MegaMillions. (Time will heals.) The other was that I went nightswimming through ice. The thrill of having one's lips freeze off is hard to describe, especially after the fact.

Fittingly, REM have a nice song about swimming at night (Shiny, Happy People). It's on this mix, smushed up against a Gullah spiritual, a nimble Bach number, some thought-lost psychedelia, and Young at Heart. The latter is probably more nuisance than music, but it's very attached to my childhood and a NOW compilation I had. What an uncool thing to confess to. Then again, this whole mix is a confession of uncoolness.

Highlight | Bryn Terfel's rendition of My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose. Note: Nothing to do with Red, Red Wine.

Listen to the thing in Apple Music. (I know, I know, Spotify. Give me some time.)

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